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Kendra Wilkinson
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Roselyn Sanchez, Hot Female of the month of November 2007Ok, don’t ask us why Roselyn Sanchez is one of the Hot Females’ of the month. Roselyn Sanchez is an accomplished Hollywood actress, but she is also one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Roselyn is simply perfectly shaped. She works out religiously and it shows. She has abs of steel and the nicest possible body you could ever see. If you are here, I don’t need to explain to you why Rosalyn Sanchez was chosen as sexiest star of November 2007.

Roslyn Sanchez was recently featured in the movie The Game Plan with Dwayne Johnson a former professional wrestler turned popular actor. Beautiful Roselyn Sanchez was also featured in the movie Rush Hour 2, in the movie Chasing Papi with beautiful Sofia Vergara. Roslyn Sanchez also played a really sexy role Boat Trip with Cuba Gooding Jr.

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